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F-one F-one WTF !? board 2020 WTF?! It was designed from the ground up to be the perfect tool for freestyle racing... Product #: WTF2020- Regular price: €589.00 €589.00 6

F-one WTF !? board 2020

F-one WTF !? board 2020

Brand: F-one
Product Code: WTF2020-
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WTF?! It was designed from the ground up to be the perfect tool for freestyle racing. It was designed to allow you to easily perform the most demanding tricks.

  • Freestyle weapon
  • Full control during pop and landing
  • Impressive comfort and stability
  • Explosive pop
  • Carbon strips for better rigidity

The board features a 3 stage rocker that is flatter in the middle of the board, allowing for earlier slip while increasing sagging for smooth impact. Stage rocker offers a dynamic transition between the parts, which are designed for maximum edge reflection.

Pop is something important for a WTF board. Every feature of this board was built not only to give the most pop, but also to make it easy to release and control. The plate shape is versatile and comfortable. The wide center will provide you with a huge platform to start the tricks while offering a stable landing area, no matter how high you are landing ...

With our revolutionary HRD edge technology, we have taken WTF a step further, not a HRD edge, but something unique to this board. The taller, thicker channels under the feet offer maximum lift and balance, while at the center of the plate and at the tips there is a thinner rail for better grip.

On the underside of the board you will find V concave and shaped edges that improve the edging and drainage of water from the board. This will help with speed and control all the time you are on the water. V concave also disrupts the surface tension of the water, making the landings smoother and more controllable.

The top of the board is completely flat for a good reason. It offers a better connection to the board for your bindings, no matter which brand you choose. This again helps with the operation and also facilitates the attachment of any binding.

Once you're on the water, you'll find out how fast you can drive and how easy it is to ride. Pop becomes easy regardless of your speed or water level and you can be sure you have a good reflection every time you play. The landing is smooth and the WTF has been designed to help you complete your tricks with greater consistency than ever before.

The board is available in three sizes: 136 x 41.5, 138 x 42 and 140 x 42.5 cm. All three sizes are a bit larger for good reason. The larger area helps you get slippery soon, but also provides a great platform for landing your tricks. This platform is further improved by shaping on the underside of the plate, which by slight tearing of the surface tension reduces the "slap" by water.

WTF is available in two versions - the standard WTF and WTF Girl, both share the same design with a little less weight and more flex in the girls' version. There is also the WTF Next generation model for the youngest talents, which has a slightly different shape and smaller dimensions and a softer flex that helps young riders bounce off the water.

The board is equipped with UNIBox bitches that offer better speed and better gliding due to the thinner profile.



Performance FREESTYLE
Performance WAKESTYLE
Year 2020
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