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F-one F-one Trax HRD Carbon Series 2020 Blue TRAX has a long history and is one of the most popular twintips on the market... Product #: TRAXCARBONBLUE2020- Regular price: €710.00 €710.00 2

F-one Trax HRD Carbon Series 2020 Blue

F-one Trax HRD Carbon Series 2020 Blue

Brand: F-one
Product Code: TRAXCARBONBLUE2020-
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TRAX has a long history and is one of the most popular twintips on the market. It is a basic board for freeride and freestyle with a unique feeling on the water. It offers speed and comfort with an earlier slip. HRD Rail plays an important role in the way the board works and differentiates it from everyone else.

  • Novelty! The board is 20% lighter than last year's model!
  • Maximum performance freeride / freestyle board
  • HRD Rail technology
  • Easy to use - perfect for beginners as well as for professionals
  • Ultralight with excellent response

HRD construction

HRD is a special design process that allows you to shape the board channels into 3D. There are three channels in the length of the board. In the middle is a thin channel for grip and improved board ability to climb.

Underneath the feet, the channel is inverted and curved, as is the case with surfboards, allowing the board to run smoothly in the chop and improving the carving ability. At the edges of the board, the channels narrow again and

give the board the characteristics needed for excellent pop.


CARBON SERIES utilizes a high-tech carbon fiber application technology along the entire length of the board. The result is a much lower weight. Huge weight difference will be felt on the water especially during the shirts, which you can move a rotation further .. In addition, the board due to carbon construction is very sensitive, responds exactly to all rider's requirements.


The TRAX HRD Carbon Series delivers an instant sense of speed and performance, HRD channels eliminate spray and deliver a sense of comfort regardless of water conditions. Perfect pop of water is ensured by the rigidity of the board that was tuned to the carbon fiber properties. On subsequent impact, it allows you to maintain control of the combination of wide shape and guide channels.

The board became popular among riders mainly due to its versatility; It is suitable from complete beginners to freestyle experts. TRAX can handle all conditions from flat to chop. Ride like no one else!



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Year 2020
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