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F-one F-one Trax ESL Girl 2019 TRAX ESL is all about water fun!.. Product #: TRAXESLGIRL- Regular price: €425.00 €425.00 4

F-one Trax ESL Girl 2019

F-one Trax ESL Girl 2019

Brand: F-one
Product Code: TRAXESLGIRL-
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TRAX ESL is all about water fun!

  • Easy and powerful
  • Super smooth ride
  • Light and simple
  • Special shape developed for girls

This new board is based on the long TRAX legacy and implements some of the latest ideas developed on WTF ?! to offer a unique combination of comfort, performance and easy driving.

The Stage Rocker is designed to ensure that the board offers timely slip and maintains the legendary smooth ride, a true TRAX signature.
Rocker is divided into three different stages with a flat section in the center, which is key to achieving a good angle against the wind and speeding on the water. The transition between the middle section and the tips was inspired by WTF?! rocker to offer a really good pop.

The bottom shape has deep double concaves and some channels on the tips of the board. Both are quite effective in providing world class grip and board control. The double concave is truly the main driving engine for overall plate comfort and stability.

Channels at the bottom of the board are inspired by HRD, with higher parts in the foot area for better lift and balance and thin everywhere else for easy edging.

The top of the board is increased for greater simplicity and better contact between the binding and the board. 3D work in the middle section, another TRAX heritage, helps maintain the center of the board with an emphasis on greater precision and control while driving.

The water is impressed by how smooth the ride is. Everything seems easy and intuitive. A smooth ride, solid pop and easy landing characterize this well-balanced shape.

TRAX ESL Girl has all the shape features of a standard ESL to implement in a format designed and customized for women. Smaller and thinner version for girls is 132x37cm and 133x38cm. Produced from a specific form, TRAX ESL Girl is lighter, more flexible and fully developed for women.

The board is equipped with UNIBox bitches that offer better speed and better gliding due to the thinner profile.

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