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F-one Gravity 1400 The F-ONE GRAVITY 1400 is ideal for learning foil surfing, you can enjoy the smallest waves and also.. Product #: GRAVITY1400- Regular price: €1,571.50 €1,571.50 10

Gravity 1400

Gravity 1400

Brand: F-one
Product Code: GRAVITY1400-
Availability: 10


The F-ONE GRAVITY 1400 is ideal for learning foil surfing, you can enjoy the smallest waves and also try wing-surfing.

  • Low speed take-off
  • Very stable
  • Super smooth ride

Area : 1480 cc
Aspect Ratio : 4.3

Its design is a natural development of our previous gravity 1200 wing.

  • Optimized connection with our integrated Titan Connection specially developed for larger wings
  • new and thicker profile profile for early and very progressive lift
  • development of arch and dam wings, for the best combination of maneuverability and control

Designing for easy surfing and carving:

  • Timely lift for take-off
  • Easy cornering
  • Perfect maneuverability for sharp cornering
  • Total speed control for better control

Aimed at people who want a wing for different types of waves from small and soft to taller and faster.

Very smooth corners, allowing you to cut shorter or long turns with good speed control and good pump capability after the next wave.

Built with pre-preg carbon for best weight-to-strength ratio, with super lightweight core.

Titan Connection: the wing attaches directly to the pole through the foot of the Titan mast and the fuselage is split in two to simplify transportation. This setting offers better load transfer and better rigidity in different sections for maximum control.

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