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F-one LINXBAR 2020 Freestyle Wake style bar with 5th line: 42/35 cm Adjustable bar length Manual turning mechanism for spinni.. Product #: LINXBAR2020FREESTYLE- Regular price: €476.70 €476.70 2

LINXBAR 2020 Freestyle

LINXBAR 2020 Freestyle

Brand: F-one
Availability: 2


Available Options

* Bar Size:
  • Wake style bar with 5th line: 42/35 cm
  • Adjustable bar length
  • Manual turning mechanism for spinning front lines
  • New lines are 30% stronger: kite control is more accurate

What's new?
- New stronger cords!
- New lighter construction
- Harmonized color design
- 3 leash in sizes 40cm, 75cm, 140cm - in package

The LINX Bar Freeslyte has been new since 2018. It is available in sizes 42/35 cm. The bar can be adjusted by 7 cm thanks to the integrated mechanism.

Over the years, we've improved it and added some great features to create the best connection with your dragon.

The lines are firmer, allowing more precise kite control. In addition, they do not lengthen so much over time, allowing the kite to always be perfectly tuned. In addition, because they are more rigid lines, it makes them easier to untangle when preparing the kit.

The hub is made of aluminum bar F-ONE is hollow, allowing you to have lighter parts for an even more powerful bar.

The LINX 2020 panel has new colors harmonized with the rest of the range (boards and kites).

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